Friday, 24 September 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Spring / Summer Collection 2011 showcasing Prada.

Bold colours and Mexican tequila Hats made appearances at the Miuccia Prada collection. Last year it was all about the Mad Men look but this year it's all about clean lines and accessible work-wear.
This is my favourite outfit from head to toe, colour blocking stripes accentuate your shape in all the right places, I could envision myself wearing this to any event.. I love it!

This dress is so pretty and full of just full Latin soul, I can practically hear the party. As with everything else on the catwalk the shoes are a little at odds with the rest of the outfit but what the hell, it's funky.
This is classic work-wear but what the hell are these shoes about? Urgh, they're awful.. I love a wedge but seriously. Talk about clumpy! So minus the shoes I think this is great.

This look is so South America, Banana prints and monkeys. I'm not a fan though.
Another, subtler ode to South America. This is definitely more wearable. I do love the stripped skirt but hate the goggles, they'll never be sexy

Prada has built a highly successful luxury brand on making the slightly wrong look right so we shall see..

Watch the show here

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  1. i think its a joke, a bad joke, bananas, mokeys, those glases, it too much.
    latinoamerica its party, colorful and ethnical, but she did a circus...
    prada fail