Thursday, 30 September 2010

DSquared: Geek Chic , I'm LOVING it!

This is one of the sexiest collections seen on the catwalk at Milan fashion Week, it's  everything my dream wardobe would be and more.

Models dressed as tom boy school girls in round geek glasses and deep tans arrived on the catwalk. These school geeks have access to some serious cash.

Us mere mortals can get this look at a snip at Warehouse, Reiss and French Connection. Head straight to Urban Outfitters for those glasses.

Kylie Minogue looking a bit like a puple quality street

Kylie Minogue left the George V Hotel in Paris in what can only be discribed as a luxurious shiny purple bathrobe dress. Kylie was probably off to a fancy Paris fashion party but she should of really looked in the Mirror before she left her suite.

I'm a massive fan of Kylie, really I am, but this girl needs A. a new stylist or B. a new best friend who'll be honest with her before she steps out the door.

Everything else about her looks polished as always, how does she remain looking so youthful? I doubt it's Ponds Cold Cream to be honest.

Kylie's been kept pretty busy of late, yesterday she performed on Radio 1's Live lounge accompanied by an  an eight-piece orchestra, two backing singers and a pianist.

I think her voice has gotten stronger over the years, I'm very excited about her new concerts in the new year,
it's called the “Kylie – Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour 2011.. how very exciting!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Australia's Next Top Model crowns wrong winner - Red faces all round

TV show Australia's Next Top Model has announced the wrong winner during the live final of its sixth series.

The host of "Australia's Next Top Model" was left red-faced after she announced the wrong girl as the show's winner on live TV. 

Presenter Sarah Murdoch named Kelsey Martinovich as the winner of the reality show. But after Kelsey had given her acceptance speech, Murdoch was left open-mouthed as she was told in her earpiece that she had been given the wrong name. 

She was forced to reveal the news to the finalists and explain that Amanda Ware had actually won.

Cheryl Cole's New Book: Through Her Eyes but no mention of divorce or maleria

Cheryl's book is out onOkay, I understand that we should concentrate on the positives and leave all out negative experiences behind us but what is the point of Cheryl Cole releasing an autobiography if she doesn't actually tell us what we want to know about..

There's no mention of Cashley or maleria-gate, instead the book will concentrate on her relationships with Derek Hough and Will-I-AM, although how much real non-sugar-coated detail we'll get is questionable..

Cheryl's book is out on Thursday but you can pre-order yours here..if you really want to.

Disgusting Pete Doherty charged with cocaine possession..again

Scummy rocker Pete Doherty and his best friend Peter Wolfe have been charged with possession of cocaine after police investigated the suspected overdose death of heiress Robin Whitehead in London.

The 31-year-old Babyshambles star was charged with holding the class A substance when he answered bail at a central London police station.
He was one of four people arrested after the 27-year-old film-maker died from a suspected overdose on January 24. It has been claimed the star attended a party the previous night at a flat in Hackney, east London.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the star will appear at Thames Magistrates' Court alongside two other men on October 18 for sentencing.
Miss Whitehead, known as Robyn, had spent the last 10 days of her life filming a documentary about the singer who has battled with drugs. She was the granddaughter of the late Teddy Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist magazine.
The documentary film, The Road To Albion, focussed on Doherty's former band, The Libertines, as she spent a lot of time with the singer. Her website showed pictures of Doherty with his body encased in plaster, lying on a board in a crucifixion pose.
Miss Whitehead's mother, Dido Whitehead, is a cousin of Jemima Khan and Zac Goldsmith, and her father is 1960s filmmaker Peter Whitehead.
Hopefully this time Doherty will pay for his actions, he said at the time that he was "shocked and saddened  by the tragedy but hopefully he'll actually learn from it as well.

Claudia Schiffer launches new fashion range in 2011

Claudia Schiffer looked amazing as she did the school run earlier today in a pair of brown suede ankle boots, black skinny jeans, an autumn-coloured checked scarf, some bling shades, a rocking bag with some gold hardware and a cable knit jumper.

The supermodel is to follow in the steps of co-supermodel Kate Moss and launch a fashion line early next year.

Schiffer, who confirmed the news to WWD is to launch the project in October, which is only a week away so watch this space..

Pixie Lott Thinks It's "Crazy" She Plays Sharon Stone's Daughter - Gossip

Pixie Lott's luck seems to be on the up as she launches her Autumn/Winter fashion range for Lipsy at House of Fraser in Oxford Street, London tonight.

Pixie, who wore an outfit from her new collection, reveals that she still can't believe she was given a role in new film Sweet Baby Jesus, in which she plays the part of Sharon Stone's daughter.

The Boys and Girls singer  will begin shooting the new film soon and has revealed all about the plot (as well as her excitement about working with such big name stars).

"It's crazy, isn't it?," says Lott of landing the role. "It's called 'Sweet Baby Jesus' and it's released next year.
"It's a comedy about a man named Joe who accompanies his pregnant girlfriend Mary to Bethlehem, where the villagers assume they are the second coming," added the 19-year-old, who plans to sell her clothes her charity.
"I'm playing Mary and Sharon Stone plays my mum. Adrien Brody and Bette Midler are both in it too.
"I feel so lucky that the cast is so amazing. It's going to be a privilege to work with them. I had no idea things would take off so quickly," Pixie, who just treated herself to £400,000 London apartment, told Star magazine.
"We'll see how this one goes. I don't know if the film will do well or not but it will be a great experience to work with so many amazing people and focus more on my acting."

Move over Heidi Klum - Ultimo boss Michelle Mone shows her bust work yet after losing 6 stone

She vowed to pose in a sexy lingerie shoot when she had reached her target weight of 11 stone and she's kept true to her word, and wow, doesn't she look hot??

Ultimo boss Michelle Mone has stripped off for a new shoot after losing a staggering six stone in the space of three years.

The 38-year-old is following in the footsteps of Kelly Brook, Sarah Harding and Penny Lancaster by posing in her Ultimo range, and said she is thrilled to be able to show off her new slimline figure.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Roberto Cavalli - Celebrities out in full Force

Roberto Cavalli was joined by several A-Listers for the Cavalli Collection show earlier today.

Taylor Swift, Heidi Klum, Rachel Bilson, Leona Lewis and Karolina Kurkova all turned out decked out in signature Cavalli styles.  Wether you love or hate Cavalli I think you'll agree that they look HOT!

Roberto Cavalli was joined by several A-Listers for the Cavalli Collection show earlier today.

Alec Baldwin wants to see Blake Lively naked... In a nice way

Alec Baldwin, brother of Blake Lively's on screen Gossip Girl father, William Baldwin, recently said that he'd love to see Lively pose for one of PETA's popular naked campaigns.

Baldwin spoke to E! at a recent gala celebrating 30 years of PETA.
"I think those people had a real opportunity to fill a certain role in society and they didn't necessarily step up, but those that are I think it's a great thing if they get involved with anti-fur or anti-animal testing."
Lively, pictured earlier on the set of Gossip Girl looked ready for winter in brown ribbed tights, sparkly dress and comfy Ugg boots.
Warehouse have some fab ribbed tights available now for £8

Get UGG Bailey Button Side Boots from ASOS for £160

Milan Fashion Week: Spring / Summer Collection 2011 showcasing Roberto Cavalli

Earlier today Cavalli – who recently referred to himself without irony as a "fashion artist" –celebrated 40 years of style, with a show which can be summed up as typically outlandish. Imagine Pocahontus dressed in high end Italian fashion.

The entire collection can be roughly broken into two looks: shredded suede waistcoats and snakeskin flares with lacing up the side; and floor-length, reptile-printed chiffon gowns with heavy suede fringing. 
Despite the fact the label has spanned four decades and is worth an estimated £160, I can't imagine this high-end glamour will sell very well outside of Italy. Aside from the shredding it's unlikely to leak onto the British high street next summer.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Anna Wintour - never happy, rate it or slate it

Anna Wintour NEVER seems to look happy, why is that? She has the life million of people would kill for, a wardrobe of dreams at her disposal and the power to change lives but she still looks miserable in every photo I've ever seen.

I'm rating this outfit in that I know any of my older Aunts would love this look, I do think she could be slightly more adventurous though. it is Milan Fashion Week!! Oh, and Anna, cheer up..

Milan Fashion Week: Kylie Minogue, Jada Pinkett Smith and Naomi Campbell at Dolce & Gabbana

Kylie Minogue, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Naomi Campbell were celebrity guests of honor at the Dolce & Gabbana show at Milan Fashion Week today.

The stars who were all decked out in beautiful Dolce and Gabbana clothes watched the show from the front row. 

This juxtaposition of celebrity and heritage was intended to send a clear message: we may be superstar designers but are traditional Italian tailors at heart. .

Milan Fashion Week: Spring / Summer Collection 2011 showcasing Dolce and Gabbana

It'll be all white on the night was the feeling from the Dolce and Gabbana Show shown earlier tonight as models took to the catwalk in a predominately sexy white collection.

The majority of pieces were sumptuously innocent, a collection of dresses, corsetry, maxi-skirts and baby-dolls, in beautiful chiffon, stretch brocade, macramé, crochet, feather-light linen, and muslin.

If the D&G collection earlier this week undelined how key florals would be in Spring/Summer 2010 then the Dolce and Gabbana show lets us know how important innocence and lace will be, I suppose you could compare one to the flower girl and the other to being the bride, both beautiful in their own way but the bride clearly outshines everyone else.. and rightly so.

Milan Fashion Week: Dolce & Gabbana launch the Naomi Campbell T-shirt Collection

Earlier today Dolce & Gabbana celebrated 25 years of Naomi Campbell by presenting the Naomi Campbell T-Shirt collection during Fashion Week at the Dolce & Gabbana boutique in Milan, Italy. 

I can't believe that Naomi Campbell's  been in the modelling business for a quarter of a century, she still looks so young!

Her 25-year career in the fashion industry was celebrated at the Dolce & Gabbana flagship store in Milan, which toasted her success and contributions. Hopefully all talk of diamonds and mobile phone throwing was put on hold for a day.

The T-shirts are available to buy in Dolce & Gabbanna shops now

Mawi, three ways to get your hands on it at great prices

Since Mawi launched in 2003 it has fastly become a fashion must have. 

Designer Mawi Keivom was raised around the world and it certainly shows in her eclectic, playful pieces. Her eyecatching designs have an futuristic feel to them, making each item seem like a precious heirloom found in your Grandma's jewellery box, albeit a very modern one.

If like me, you're a big fan of Mawi but not of the prices I've got three solutions for you but be quick..

I've discovered them on ASOS outlet and Brand Alley for a short while. They were also present at the London Fashion Weekender but I'd already blown my budget by the time I came across them..

ASOS, prices start at £65 for earrings but they've got a very small range

Brand Alley, prices from £50 for necklaces and they've got some great pieces with a huge range

Amelie Boutique, prices from £39 and a limited selection but some really nice pieces to choose from.

Milan Fashion Week: Spring / Summer Collection 2011 showcasing Moschino Cheap & Chic

The chic, more affordable little sister of Moschino showed it's collection yesterday. It was playful, pretty and fun with lots of bold colour contrasts, quirkey details and great separates. My initial thoughts were that I didn't get it but then when I looked at all the pieces individually it made sense.

 I love this floral dress, it will flatter all shapes, the combination of colours won't wash anyone out and the quirkey gingham sandals add a fun twist to the overall outfit, although I'm not crazy about the brown strap. Accessory-wise I think these big chunky statement pieces make what could be just another dress a stand-out.
This is my favourite look, it makes me think of bumble bees but that's to bee expected.. All these pieces are sexy as hell and would work in numerous other combinations. While yellow and black played a bit part of the collection I feel this is the best example of how well they can work together. This outfit has such a retro feel but the great accessories keep it  bang up to date. LOVE IT!
Initially this look made me  think of Chanel, sherbet and grannies but on further assessment I think it's great. The embellishments on the jacket are cute and cheeky while the overall look is playful and fun. Again the sandals add an extra element of frivilty to the look, keeping it light and breezy with a fashion forward edge.
This gingham dress makes me long for the summer. The flower embellishments, what I first thought were a bit of a foible, are in-fact a fantastic undertated addition to the dress. This is just a great outfit.
I'm torn on this look, I should love it as it ticks so many boxes for me. Colour-wise the dress is spot on, the voluminous frilled end is totally me and normally I'd bite someone's hand off to get that statement necklace but I just don't think it works. The dress doesn't seem to sit well, the necklace is the wrong colour and I just don;t think the sandals work with the rest of the outfit. Thumbs down..I do love the headband though.

Milan Fashion Week: All the Celebrities out in force.. Naomi, Miranda, Orlando and Mischa

Fashion designer Miuccia Prada entering restaurant Il Bistrot in Milan, she was joined by Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom who were spotted leaving there and entering Hotel Bulgari.. And guess who else showed up, only Naomi Campbell..

 Muccia Prada with some beautiful shoes and accessories from this weeks show.
 Orlando Bloom is one lucky man, Miranda Kerr looks smoking hot.
 No Naomi hasn't dropped something, she's avoiding the paps while on her way to partaaay

Mischa Barton and Pierre Sarkozy attend the Philipp Plein fashion show during Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/ Summer 2011 at Fondazione Metropolitan in Milan, Italy. I can't decide if she looks good or not. i wouldn't of chosen this for her but that's just me..