Sunday, 26 September 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Spring / Summer Collection 2011 showcasing Moschino Cheap & Chic

The chic, more affordable little sister of Moschino showed it's collection yesterday. It was playful, pretty and fun with lots of bold colour contrasts, quirkey details and great separates. My initial thoughts were that I didn't get it but then when I looked at all the pieces individually it made sense.

 I love this floral dress, it will flatter all shapes, the combination of colours won't wash anyone out and the quirkey gingham sandals add a fun twist to the overall outfit, although I'm not crazy about the brown strap. Accessory-wise I think these big chunky statement pieces make what could be just another dress a stand-out.
This is my favourite look, it makes me think of bumble bees but that's to bee expected.. All these pieces are sexy as hell and would work in numerous other combinations. While yellow and black played a bit part of the collection I feel this is the best example of how well they can work together. This outfit has such a retro feel but the great accessories keep it  bang up to date. LOVE IT!
Initially this look made me  think of Chanel, sherbet and grannies but on further assessment I think it's great. The embellishments on the jacket are cute and cheeky while the overall look is playful and fun. Again the sandals add an extra element of frivilty to the look, keeping it light and breezy with a fashion forward edge.
This gingham dress makes me long for the summer. The flower embellishments, what I first thought were a bit of a foible, are in-fact a fantastic undertated addition to the dress. This is just a great outfit.
I'm torn on this look, I should love it as it ticks so many boxes for me. Colour-wise the dress is spot on, the voluminous frilled end is totally me and normally I'd bite someone's hand off to get that statement necklace but I just don't think it works. The dress doesn't seem to sit well, the necklace is the wrong colour and I just don;t think the sandals work with the rest of the outfit. Thumbs down..I do love the headband though.

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