Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mawi, three ways to get your hands on it at great prices

Since Mawi launched in 2003 it has fastly become a fashion must have. 

Designer Mawi Keivom was raised around the world and it certainly shows in her eclectic, playful pieces. Her eyecatching designs have an futuristic feel to them, making each item seem like a precious heirloom found in your Grandma's jewellery box, albeit a very modern one.

If like me, you're a big fan of Mawi but not of the prices I've got three solutions for you but be quick..

I've discovered them on ASOS outlet and Brand Alley for a short while. They were also present at the London Fashion Weekender but I'd already blown my budget by the time I came across them..

ASOS, prices start at £65 for earrings but they've got a very small range

Brand Alley, prices from £50 for necklaces and they've got some great pieces with a huge range

Amelie Boutique, prices from £39 and a limited selection but some really nice pieces to choose from.

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