Friday, 2 September 2011

Bye Bye Summer, Buy Buy Winter Shoes and Boots

Despite the warm weather today winter is coming our way, so while it's bye bye open-toe sandals, wedges and flats, it's hello socks, tights and ankle-boots. Yes we'll miss the summer, the long evenings, rose wine and bright roll-up jeans, but it's a new season which means it's buy buy time.  

I never thought I'd say this, well certainly not in public anyway, but I'm loving the Clarks autumn/winter range.. in a big way. Once the go-to for clunky shoes and mary janes staples I think the brand has definitely turned a corner. 

I'm particularly found of the Mary Portas Leopard Print boots which will shortly have a home in my wardrobe. Of the new Mary Portas Clarks collaberation Mary Portas said:
 “We honed each detail of the range to make it perfect for every aspect of a woman’s lifestyle. We have great shapes – from edgy wedges to elegant courts – that serve up instant style. While they look super-hot, they are also deceptively comfortable. I defy anyone to say they could find a more comfortable three-inch heel than mine – a true shoe revolution!”

The new season lines seem to hit all the right notes with suedes, leopard prints, hardwear and zips featureing prominently on lots of styles. My advice is to get them fast before they get snapped up.

And last but not least ..My top allrounder

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