Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mylie Cyrus Shops in Asda..in Derby

Yes, Derby had the good luck to have a visit from Mylie Cyrus in her bid to take over the world to sell her wares to the local screaming hoards.

The teen star is more used to rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood jet-set than mixing with the locals in Derby but in fairness to her she did seem excited to be there as she launched her new Miley and Max clothing line at the Supermarket.

Asda's head of PR Leah Watson said: "The response has been overwhelming - everybody loves Miley.
"There's probably about five or six hundred people here today but thousands and thousands of people actually wanted to come in and see Miley and see the new range that she's been doing with George but unfortunately she just couldn't see everyone."

Check out Miley's range right here

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