Saturday, 18 September 2010

Taylor Momsen strips off in new music video

Taylor Momsen -  America's favorite angsty teen is at it again..

Yep, naughty Momsen strips down to her underwear in her band's new music video helping you to forget that Momsen is only 17 and not just some slutty 20something looking for attention. 

In the video (shown below) The 17-year-old Gossip Girl star sheds her clothing bit by bit until she's  wearing little more than a smile scowl and a pair of little black knickers while walking along the street.. she really should be careful though, it's looks like a bit of a dodgy area. Then again with this lack of outfit she might just fit in.

Momsen, who fronts the band and has come under fire before for her choice of outfits, walks towards a burning structure while singing angst-ridden-evanescencey single Make Me Wanna Die. It's definitely no pop ditty...

Saying that, I do quite like it and I think it's the perfect song if you've just broken up with your boyfriend, feel the need to hit things with a background tune or are maybe feeling a little tender after a heavy night and want to envelope yourself in "The Fear"..

Well, what are your thoughts?

Ta da, the end and she's basically naked on a dark street

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