Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Loree Rodkin, if you haven't heard of her it's because you can't afford her either

I've developed a bit of a crush on American designer Loree Rodkin's bondage rings. It's not like my crushes on Kim Kardashian or Alexander Skarsgard or even my infatuation with finding the right pair of leather shorts as they are all totally obtainable and within reach.. well apart from the first two.

It's more of an admiration thing, they are so beautiful and unique and let us not forget.. Expensive, but if I had money to burn I'd put down my lighter and buy me a Loree Rodkin ring instead. Not a deposit on a very small flat, not for me thank you.

Worn by lots of A-Listers Madonna, Elton John, Cher, Heidi Klum, Michelle Obama, and the Olsen Twins to name a few Rodkin is known for taking inspiration from medieval designs and creating something truly modern, decadent and unique. I sound like I'm gushing and I suppose I am but it's not very often you come across a designer who offers something so different and special from the norm.

Each creation is made up of several carats of diamonds, engraved 18-karat rhodium white gold and are quite similar to how I envision a very fashion-forward Knight might have worked his gauntlet look had he not been too concerned about his finger's being cut off.

Sold out ring from Net-a-Porter
Browns Fashion
Browns Fashion

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