Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fashion Fix: J Brand bright royal blue skinny alternative in Zara now!

I've saved myself a massive £170 on my lunch break by purchasing a fabulous pair of bright blue skinny stretch jeans in Zara for an amazing £35. 99. Not only that., but my friends may even talk to me again as I've been banging on about these jeans so much for the past few weeks that they've abandoned any hope of a normal conversation with me.


811 mid-rise twill cropped skinny jeans


I do get a little OCD when I fall in love with something .. unfortunately this time the obsession in question was going to cost me £205 smackers…not good!



Anyways, I’m happy now but I’m not sure if I have anything to wear with it.. I think I should go with something bright as well, maybe a red belt and a green t-shirt.. totally rock the bright trend and also I’ll probably need a white sluchy tee for a more casual look.. yay.. I’m in love.

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  1. I do the exact same thing!! But honestly, the pants are BEYOND gorgeous, so its totally understandable. Great post! :)


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